Medical Facilities


Clinics for Amish disorders:

Clinic for Special Children, Strasburg, PA

Das Deutsch Center for Special Needs Children, Middlefield, OH

Windows of Hope Genetics Information Center, Walnut Creek, OH


Northeastern Ohio:

Akron Children's Hospital, Akron, OH

Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Cleveland, OH

Pomerene Hospital, Millersburg, OH


buggy lineNorthern Indiana:

Riley Children's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

Parkview Memorial Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN 

Lutheran Hospital, Ft. Wayne, IN


Eastern Pennsylvania:

Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, PA


General Information on the Amish

The Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College


General Information on Genetics

The Genetics Home Reference is a comprehensive resource for human genetics information. It contains information on genes, chromosomes, mutations, inherited diseases, gene testing and much more.  It contains a glossary of terms and extensive links to other resources.  This is probably the best place to start learning about human genetic disease.


Websites for Medical & Molecular Geneticists 

The following website hosts a database of Genetic disorders identified in plain people. It has a search facility allowing you to search by disorder, mutation or clinical phenotype.

Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite Genetic Disorders 


Information on specific disorders can be found here.

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